Hidden Jewelry Storage

I’ve always wanted to have some pretty display for my jewelry but, living in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, there’s so much space for creativity without invading our common space.

However, the solution had been in front of me for quite a while: turns out my Ikea Stave mirror came with hinges and has quite some empty space behind it! The perfect spot to both keep my jewelry organized and out of the way.

Mirror storage finished

So let’s get on with the tutorial!

You’ll need:

  • An Ikea Stave mirror.
  • Three wood strips 1 cm shorter than the inside width of the mirror. Any light and soft wood can work.
  • A wire mesh, 3 cm wider than the inside width of the mirror and as long as you like. You can get this at most art or diy stores.
  • Small hooks for hanging the necklaces. You must check that the total size of the wood strips plus the hooks is 0,5-1 cm less than the inside of the mirror so that you can swivel it close.
  • Acrylic paint in your favorite color.
  • Optionally, a stripe of pretty wallpaper the size of the inside of the mirror.
  • No More Nails glue.


1. First you must paint the inside of the mirror or glue the wallpaper inside (I used extra strong double-sided tape and it worked wonderfully). If you do use wallpaper, it’s better to first measure where you want to set the wood strips and cut the wallpaper so you can glue them directly to the mirror. This way, they’ll hold the weight of your jewelry better.

Tip: I transformed a mirror I already had, but if you don’t have one and/or don’t want one, you can also use a big and shallow drawer, a picture frame with a wood plank behind it or even fix all this directly to the wall. The limit is your imagination – and your wall!

2. While the paint or glue dries, you can start sanding the wood strips so they are soft and don’t damage your necklaces. Once soft and even, you can paint both the wood strips and the wire mesh, if you like. Matching or contrasting colors, with or without patterns – go as crazy or as classic as you like!

3. Once the paint on the wood strips has dried, it’s time to add the hooks. First, you’ll need to measure the distance you’d like to have between them and mark the spots on the wood with a pencil.

Necklace hangers before and after
Before and after sanding, painting and starting to screw the hooks

Tip: it’s better to place them so the hooks on the middle strip are not aligned with the ones on the top and bottom strips. That way, the necklaces won’t be on top of each other when you hang them and will be easier to find and pick.

4. Now, if the wood is soft enough, like mine, you can screw the hooks manually. I started by hammering them in a little so they’ll hold the position and then just I just pressed down and twisted the hooks (remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!). If the wood is harder, you will need to use a drill first.

5. With the three strips nice and ready, you can now clean the back of the strips and the mirror and, one by one, apply the No More Nails glue and stick the strips to the mirror. Press a little with your hands to keep them in place – carefully, so you don’t break the mirror – and let them dry for a full day (or whatever the glue instructions say) before hanging anything.

6. As for the mesh, I measured 1,5 cm on every side and bent it following those lines, which meant that the final surface was exactly as wide as the inside of the mirror (this is why you need the mesh to be 3 cm wider than the mirror!) After that, I just placed the mesh inside the mirror and it held by itself. If you made it a bit too small or you have a lot of very heavy earrings, you can add a little No More Nails glue in the corners to help hold it in place.

Wire mesh for earrings
Wire mesh for crafts – easy to bend but strong enough to hold the weight of the earrings.

Et voilà! Now you can finally hang all your jewelry in a pretty, hand-made storage and admire your work!


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