Birthday Wall Calendar

I’m horrible at remembering birthdays, much to my shame, which is why I’d been looking for pretty birthday calendars – not an easy thing when you live in a not-so-big town. So, a trip to a local DIY store and some 2 hours of manual work later, I had my own birthday calendar hanging on the wall.

Now, everybody who comes to our place writes down their name and birthday on a small chip and hangs it on our calendar, leaving us both a souvenir from their visit and a great way to never forget their birthday again!

Birthday Wall Calendar

So let’s get on with the tutorial.

You’ll need:

  • A wooden board of the desired size – the softer the wood, the better.
  • Paint in your color choice.
  • Varnish (optional).
  • Little circles, squares, hearts… either already pierced in the top or the bottom or made of a material that’s easy to pierce.
  • Something to attach the circles/hearts/whatever (ribbon, oval rings, jewelry wire, hooks…).
  • Hook for hanging on the wall.


1. Cut the wood to the desired size (or ask the store staff to cut it for you.) Personally, I asked for a scrap of wood and they gave me leftovers from somebody else at a very low price – I couldn’t choose the exact size, but I didn’t mind. To give you an idea, my wooden board measures 15 x 71 cm.

2. Sand the wood smooth, clean it, and paint it in your desired color or pattern. I used a striped pattern to mark the months of the year in a not-so-obvious way, but you can decorate it as you like – you can write the full name of the months, paint everything in a single color, add vinyl, die cut or wooden letters… The possibilities are endless!

3. Once the paint is dry, now it’s time to varnish everything (if you want.) I actually like the rustic look of my board, but adding varnish will make the colors pop. Once again, it’s your choice!

4. Insert hooks at regular lengths or attach ribbons with glue or thumb tacks under the Months. If you chose a soft wood, you can simply screw the hooks by hand. If you picked a harder wood, however, you’ll need to drill a hole before you can screw them.

5. Now you can make the holes in the circles, hearts, etc. (if they don’t already have them) and paint them. In my case, I couldn’t find any in the right size and with holes on both sides (ah, the joy of small towns!), so I ended up making them myself from polymer clay, which is actually not a bad solution since I can make more at any time.

Fimo chips and wire rings

6. Finally, add the hook on the back of the board for hanging it on the wall, and hang it. Et voilà!

I usually have a fine tip Sharpie and some chips next to the board so that everybody who comes by can write down their name and birthday and hang their chip under the corresponding month. However, you can also write the names of your family and friends yourself and have the calendar ready so you never forget a birthday again!


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