Custom Hand Painted Pillow Cover

This pair of customized pillows was a small gift for a couple of friends who were celebrating their civil union. Both pillow covers read “The most beautiful girl/man in the world” – in Spanish for the German girl and in German for the Spanish guy – a very cute way of celebrating their multicultural love!


Hand painted Pillow Cover

The pic is crappy, but the pillow cases were a huge success!

You’ll need:

  • A pillow case with as smooth a texture as possible
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Fabric markers – I used Ikea’s, which are cheap and quite good
  • If you want to make a handwritten quote like mine, it’s easier if you write it down/print it beforehand to use it as a model. I used the “Ka Aloha” free font from


1. Before you begin, wash, dry and carefully iron the pillow covers. The shape and texture of the fabric may change after washing, so this way you’ll make sure that your design will always keep its shape.

2. Put the cover on a flat and hard surface and put the piece of cardboard inside so as to avoid ink transfer on the other side.

3. Draw your design lightly on the cover with a pencil. The pencil marks will disappear later with washing, so don’t worry if you need to correct lines or shapes.

Tip: Remember to put the side with the zipper at the bottom of your design!

4. Start slowly drawing over the sketch with the fabric markers, always beginning with the lighter colors and finishing with the darker ones. If they overlap, it’s always a good precaution to let the lighter color dry a little so that the inks don’t get mixed together.

Tip: Follow the grain of the fabric when coloring to avoid marker lines and obtain a smooth colored surface.

5. Once the design is finished and dry to the touch, iron it for a few minutes in order to fix the ink to the fabric and then let it dry for as long as you can (I let it dry under the sun for 4 days, mainly because I didn’t have time to finish the cover earlier, but also for good measure.)

6. Wash the cover again to get rid of the eventual pencil marks leftover and there you go! You have your own handwritten / hand painted pillow cover, as good as any boutique’s!


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