Star Wars Quilt

Two years of work and 2580 squares of fabric later, allow me to proudly present my first quilt ever, dedicated to one of my favourite films of all times: Star Wars!

Star Wars Quilt Front
Finished Star Wars quilt with 2m-tall boyfriend for measure
Star Wars Quilt Back
The back of the quilt – you can see the outlines of the quilted characters.

The squares I sewed with the sewing machine, but since it was a small, portable machine, I had to hand quilt the whole thing, which I actually ended up enjoying a lot.

Since it’s my first quilt ever and I learnt everything exclusively via blogs and video tutorials, its far from perfect – you can see it in the outline of some of the characters – but you know how for the proud mama her baby is always the prettiest in the world!

The back fabric is actually a very soft Christmas fabric I found on a local shop amid tons of Santa Claus-and-Christmas-trees fabrics, and the filling is a very warm cotton batting. Perfect for those cold winter evenings watching films on the couch!

So, finally, here are the close-ups of the characters:Darth Vader

Darth Vader with faux-leather for the helmet

Luke Skywalker

Luke with his cut-off hand

Han Solo
Han Solo
A very angry and very fluffy Chewbacca made of faux-fur
Leia Skywalker
The gorgeous warrior princess Leia
Master Yoda
Master Yoda
C3PO made in a metallic fabric (note to self: never, ever, ever again use metallic, elastic fabric for a quilt. Gosh, was that a pain to sew.)
Death Star
And, finally, the imposing Death Star – it may look like a moon, but believe me, it’s no moon!

The tutorial with the measures and template will come, though it may take some time. But don’t worry, I remembered to take pictures of the process!

And now it’s time to pop back to the couch to watch for the thousand time my favourite trilogy in the geekiest style!

Note: Thanks to a lovely and resourceful reader, I can now post the link to the original author of the illustrations. All the characters are there and they are awesome!






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