Knitted Baby Pullover

I don’t know what they’re putting in the water lately, but right now I have five pregnant friends. FIVE. Plus one who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. So get ready for baby diy galore!

I’ve never been a great knitter, mainly because I never learnt to do anything but straight scarves (and, to tell the truth, they were not always that straight at that.) But, thanks to a very talented knitter friend and to a few “knit and wine” evenings, I attempted to make my first pullover and actually made one, arms and neck and all!

Baby Heart Pullover Front

The measures are a teensy bit off, but since it’s baby-sized, nobody will ever know if they don’t look too closely (hihihi!)

Baby Heart Pullover Back

Now, our “knit and wine” evenings are getting more and more popular among our circle of friends, so you will certainly be seeing more knitted stuff. And, of course, I’ll be posting the patterns too!


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