Baby Knitted Summer Dress

One of my friend’s baby is celebrating her 1st birthday soon, and I really wanted to try knitting something more complicated than just straight stockinette stitch. So this lacey pattern was exactly what I needed!

Baby Knitted Summer Dress Front and Back

The pattern I found on the wonderful website of Drops Design. They have both wonderful yarns that you can get for surprisingly cheap prices and tons of very beautiful knitting and crochet patterns that you can download for free.

The pattern is called Beach Baby and it’s available for download in tons of languages and both metric and Imperial systems (look in the drop-down menu under the main pic.)

Baby Knitted Summer Dress Details
Details of the top and the lace bottom

As it happens, the yarn is not Drops’, but a very light and soft 100% wool yarn from Phildar, Phil Coton 3, which I already had but didn’t know what to do with. I really love the warm colors, they are perfect for the summer, but I think next time I’ll choose a solid color for the lace pattern to show properly.

If you’re like me, good luck not buying the whole Drops Design shop right away, and happy knitting!


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