Fabric Origami Butterflies

If you, like me, have loads of fabric scraps of all colors and sizes that you don’t know what to do with, this is the project for you! These little fabric origami butterflies are really pretty and can be used as hair clips, costume props, spring garlands or even just decoration for your home.

Fabric Origami Butterflies

You’ll need:

  • Fabric scraps in two colors, the thinner, the better.
  • Thread.
  • Optionally, hair clips, ribbon or whatever you need for your final idea.


1. First, make a rectangle out of both fabrics in any size you want (mine are 8 x 12 cm, which gave out a 7 x 5 cm butterfly.)

Fabric Rectangles

2. Now you’ll need to sew both rectangles together. With right sides facing each other, stitch along 3 of the four edges and then cut off the corners of the seams.

3. Turn the rectangles inside out and fold the unfinished fold edge so that it looks like the others.

Tip: Ironing the seams flat now will make it easier to sew shut the last one and get a nicer finish.

4. Now you can either make an invisible seam on the last edge or stitch along all four edges to get a pretty finish.

Sewn Fabric Rectangle

5. Fold the rectangle in half with the fabric you want to show on the inside of the butterfly’s wings facing out. Stitch a straight line from the middle of the fold down (be careful not to go all the way down, since you’ll need to open the wings later.)

Fabric Half Rectangle

6. Fold the bottom right corner over to the left in order to create a triangle. The stitches in the middle will help to mark the centre of the triangle. Repeat on the other side and secure with a few stitches as shown in the pictures below.

Triangle Folding

7. Turn the triangle upside down. Take the top layer of the right corner and pull it down over the rectangle at the bottom, aligning it in the middle of the butterfly. Repeat on the other side and secure both sides with a couple of stitches. The butterfly is done!

Butterfly Wings

8. Now you can transform your butterfly into a hair clip and look like a wood fairy, or stitch a few of them on a piece of string and hang the garland in your balcony, or, like me, attach a little ribbon and hang them on a tree!

Finished Butterfly


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