Sandman Comic Scaled-up Painting

My boyfriend loooves comic books and graphic novels and one of his favorites is the Sandman series, written by Neil Gaiman and beatifully illustrated by a series of comic book artists.

Of course, I’ve read all of them, and while looking for inspiration for decorating our first apartment together, I remembered one of its passages, the one where the main character, the Sandman, comes back home. So one short trip to a local art store later, I slowly and painfully copied the design onto a canvas and, many, many hours of work later, gave my boyfriend a big surprise!

Sandman Painting
The finished canvas

You’ll need:

  • A blank canvas.
  • An original image.
  • A printer.
  • A ruler and a pencil.
  • Paint. For this kind of extremelly detailed projects, I personally prefer Molotow paint markers. Posca markers are also very nice, but Molotow lets you make your own colors, which is great when you need specific shades.

The method is relatively simple (but you need to know how to draw!):

  • Print out a copy of the image you want to draw and draw a grid over it. The more detailed the image, the smaller the squares of the grid should be.
  • Draw the grid onto the canvas in scale. To get the final measures, a simple rule of three will do the job.
  • Lightly draw the rough shapes on the canvas with the help of the grid, and then add the details and the color.
Sandman Original Graphic Novel
The original graphic novel

I know the instructions are way too simplified if this is your first painting, but I told you you had to know how to draw beforehand! I’m afraid there are no miracle solutions here.

Now the painting is hanging over my boyfriend’s desk at home and I couldn’t be prouder!


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