Stuffed Fabric Birds

Did someone say fabric scraps? Here’s another fun idea to use your scraps from previous projects, this time using the gorgeous bird pattern from Spool.

Stuffed Fabric Spool Birds

I kept seeing this little birds on baby crib mobiles all over Pinterest, and after looking around, I discovered they were all based on a free pattern made by Abby Glassenberg for Spool. Their blog is no longer online, but a quick Google search gave me the pattern, which you can download by saving the image below.

Spool Bird Pattern
Click right and select ‘Save image as’

You can buy the original birds and mobiles on the creator’s Etsy page, or you can do them yourself in just 15 minutes!

You’ll need:

  • The Spool bird pattern.
  • Fabric in pretty patterns and colors.
  • Stuffing. The stuffing used for plush toys works best for this, though you can also use cotton wool (which is what I used.) The final result will be bumpier to the touch, but will still look great.
  • Needle and thread


1. Print the pattern in the size you want your bird to be (you can set the scale in the print window).

2. Select the fabric you want to use for the top of the body, fold it and line up the Bird Body pattern so that the straight part runs along the folded edge. Pin it in place or mark the edges with chalk and cut out the shape.

Bird Body Shape

3. Select the fabric for the bird belly and cut out the piece, this time without folding the fabric.

Bird Belly Shape

Bird Shapes

4. Pin the two pieces right sides together, aligning the tail first and then following the curves of the belly. Obviously, the result will not lie flat, but will make the final shape of the bird.

Bird Pinned Seams

5. Stitch all around the seams, leaving the end of the tail open. Do not forget the head and beak!

Tip: The colour of the thread is not important, but it’s better to use one that matches to your fabric so it’s as invisible as possible. Also, try to make small stitches so that the stuffing doesn’t get out through the holes.

6. Now you can turn the bird right-side out through the opening in the tail. You can use a long thing open such as a pencil to push the beak in place.

7. Start filling the body of the bird by pushing small amounts of the stuffing through the tail. Leave a little room on the tail so you can sew it closed later.

Bird Stuffing

8. Once the bird is fully stuffed, stitch the tail either by making a small visible seam on a matching colour or by making an invisible seam, as I did.

Finished bird

Your little bird is ready to fly! Or hang on a stick, if you want to make a baby mobile with hanging sticks – if done properly, the final bird will be very stable, so you’ll probably only need a drop of hot glue or a couple of loops with thread around the stick in order to keep it in place.

Personally, I added some ribbons and my little birds are already hanging on my spring tree. They are easily my favourite ornament of all!

Bird Mobile Idea
One of the original baby crib mobiles made by the creator of the pattern, which you can buy on his Etsy page.




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