Fabric Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

These delicate cherry blossoms are great for decorating trees, tables or even your hair! This craft is simple, quick and cheap, and the results are absolutely gorgeous!

You’ll need:

  • Satin ribbon in “cherry blossom” colours (pink, peach, etc.)
  • White thread and a needle
  • White crafting glue
  • White glitter
  • Green or brown wire, thread or whatever you want to use for the stem


1. Fold the ribbon 4 times so you get 5 different rectangular-shaped sections and cut them apart.

2. Trim the rectangles so that one of the edges is straight and the other has an oval shape (this will be the top part of the petal.)

Cutting the petals

3. Now comes the most delicate part of the process: heat sealing and shaping the edges. Hold the bottom edge of your ribbon with two fingers, and lightly roll a lighter or a match across it – only for a few seconds, though, or it will burn!

4. Now, for the top edge, hold the petal around the tip your thumb so that it has a rounded shape and seal the edge for a little longer than the bottom edge. You’ll see that the ribbon will curl automatically. This is where you get the ‘3D’ shape!

Shaping the petals

5. With the thread and the needle, sew the 5 petals together through the straight edge. When they’re all together one after the other, pull the thread tightly and sew the first and last petals together. The shape of the flower is done!

Sewing the petals together

6. Now, for the stem, take the white thread and roll it around two of your fingers several times until you have a nice skein (cif. photo 1 below).

7. Carefully take the skein out of your fingers (do not cut the thread yet!) and pass the green/brown wire or thread through the inside of the skein, then twist it tightly so it holds the skein together (cif. photo 2).

Tip: the material of the stem will depend on what you want to do with the flower. Wire is great for holding the flowers on a Christmas tree, for example, whereas if you want to make a hairclip or ribbon, a long piece of thread would be better. Or you can use pipe cleaners so that it stands up on a vase. The possibilities are endless!

8. Pass the thread several times around the base of the skein to hold it together, then make a knot and cut it (cif. photo 3).

9. Cut off the top part of the skein (cif. photo 4): you have the stamen!

Making the stamen

10. Soak the very tips of the thread on some white glue, then on the glitter and let it dry. It doesn’t matter if you get clumps, it will seem even more realistic that way.

Glue and glitter

11. Once it’s dry, pass the stem through the hole in the middle of the petals, and sew around the bottom of the petals to hold everything in place. Your cherry blossom is done!

Finished Cherry Blossom


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