Beaded Knitted Shawl


Even though I learnt how to knit a long time ago at a very young age, my greatest feat up until my thirties was to knit a (more or less) straight scarf. Impressive, I know.

So when I started knitting back again a year ago I never thought it would become my next great passion!

But because I like challenges and slow projets and, apparently, getting frustrated and doing things over and over until I get them right, after a few, very easy to make, baby clothes, I decided I was ready for a  big challenge: the When The Flowers Bloom Shawl I found on Ravelry. It has beads, it has nupps, it has complicated charts, and it has a ridiculous amount of stitches. Sounds like fun, right?

(Spoiler: it was!)

Before and After Blocking
Before and during blocking


It has taken me a whole month of knitting everywhere: while watching TV, on the tramway, while waiting for friends on bars… Yes, I became the crazy knitting lady, and I’m barely 30… What’s it going to be like when I’m 70???

When the Flowers Bloom Shawl

It’s beautiful, it’s big, it’s shinny, and it has the perfect weight. So, of course, I’ll be both proud and glad to offer it as a gift, and sad to be giving away my “chef d’oeuvre”. But such is the destiny of the crafter: to create and let go, because that’s when our creations really live. 🙂

Finished Shawl

Are you on Ravelry too? Do you want to see more of my knitting projets and get links to all the patterns? Or even just show me what you have done? Come take a look at my Ravelry profile!


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