Handmade Fabric Earrings

Here’s a very easy craft that you can do in less than an hour and with just whatever fabric scraps you have lying around! The result: a lovely pair of earrings that are very light and comfortable and look professionally made.

Fabric Handmade Earrings

You’ll need:

  • Fabric scraps or ribbon in pretty colours and prints
  • Needle and thread in complementary colour
  • Two earwires or lever-backs
  • Two ribbon end crimps


1. First, draw a mirrored teardrop shape on the fabric (see picture below) and repeat it 4 times. Cut around them, leaving a 0,5 cm sewing allowance.

Tip: As a guide, my shapes measure 8 cm long x 2,5 cm on the widest part and 1 cm on the narrowest part.

Cut Fabric Shapes

2. Place one of the shapes on top of the other, right sides together, and sew along the sides leaving both ends open.

3. Now comes the most annoying part: turning the fabric right side out. Since it’s so small, it’ll be slow and painful, but it’ll be easier if you push the fabric with a chopstick or another non-pointy tool.

Fabric Shapes

4. Once they’re right side out, fold them in half on the widest part and sew the top parts together. I also folded them back on themselves a little so the frayed edges didn’t show.

Final Assembly

5. Finally, insert the top part of the fabric shapes into the ribbon end crimps, press them close with jewellery pliers, add the earwires on top, and you’re done! Easy peasy and oh-so-lovely!

Finished Earrings




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