Knitting & Crochet Markers

I’ve been working with very strong yarn recently, so strong that it broke half my plastic markers while knitting! However, I soon found a very quick and cheap solution: earring hooks! With some leftover Fimo beads from another project and some earring findings, I had these very useful knitting & crocheting markers in less than 15 min!


Knitting Markers

You’ll need:

  • Earring hooks, preferably those that can be closed so the markers don’t slip out of the needles.
  • Small beads in several colours.
  • Headpins for the beads.
  • Metal rings (optional).
  • Jewelry pliers (round nose pliers / bent nose pliers.)


1. Put a couple of beads in the headpins.

Threaded Beads

2. Bend the top of the headpin a couple of times around the pliers and cut off the rest.

Bending Wire

3. With the pliers, attach a ring to both beads and the earring hook. As easy as that, it’s finished!

Finished Knitting Markers

Of course, you can make them with any kind of beads, or tassels, or whatever you like. Easy, quick and cheap!

Repetitions with markers
My last knitting project with the markers on

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